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Comprehensive brain formula with 8 essential nutrients to promote healthy aging, improved performance and faster nerve regeneration.*
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Repel Toxins, Unleash Adaptogens

Stress has many faces; emotional, physical and environmental are just a few. Don’t become a medical statistic. Use your allies.
Daily Detox
Combat chronic inflammation which disguises itself in our society as brain fog, ADD, depression, hormone imbalances and the growth of amyloid plaque in between the neurons.
Around the age of 30 amyloid plaque begins to build and neurological connections begin to breakdown within the brain. The brain is already beginning to shrink. Thwart off one of the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s disease with Wisdom to encourage short and long-term brain health.
Stimulate the brain's natural production of Nerve growth factor (NGF). NGF is important for the survival, maintenance and regeneration of neurons responsible for promoting the growth, connection and organization of brain cells.

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8 Essential Nutrients

The nutrients you need grown on natural farms with natural light, fresh air and seasonal temperatures.
Our mushrooms are cultivated on natural organic materials in mountains, with natural light, fresh air and seasonal temperatures.
  • Lion's Mane
    Lion’s Mane
    The brain-supporting benefits of Lion’s Mane mushroom has been known in Eastern Medicine for centuries. Lion’s mane is clinically proven to restore and enhance neurological synapses within the brain, improve mood, and help cope with stress.

    Our Lion’s mane is made by extracting both the fruiting body and mycelium from the fungi. Resulting in the perfect balance of mycelium and fruiting bodies ensuring you get maximum results per milligram. 
    Mental Clarity 97%
    Improved Memory 91%
    Nerve health 85%
  • ashwagandha powder and roots
    Wisdom uses the adaptogen KSM-66 Ashwagandha. KSM-66 is an Organic full-spectrum extract sourced only from the essential part of the plant, the roots. Ashwagandha supports reducing stress and anxiety while promoting enhanced memory and cognitive function. Our Ashwagandha’s purification process is based on “Green Chemistry” principles which do not use dairy, alcohol or other solvents.
    Stress Management 97%
    Anti-Aging 91%
    Improve Memory 97%
  • creatine magnapower
    Creatine MagnaPower
    Creatine is a key molecule found in our brain and in our muscles. Vegans, Vegetarians or people not consuming a diet high in animal protein often times end up deficient in creatine within their brain. Creatines roles is not limited to muscle energy but also cellular energy for optimum brain health and combating fatigue. Creatine MagnaPower is designed and dosed specifically for adults seeking optimal ATP function within their brain.
    Combat Brain Fatigue 98%
    Cellular Energy 90%
    Mitochondrial Support 84%
  • Rhodiola rosea
    Rhodiola Rosea
    Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen known for its ability to support resistance to a variety of chemical, biological, and physical stressors. Researchers have found the “Golden Root” can be good for more than just concentration and memory. Rhodiola can promote enhanced performance and potentially reduce work-related fatigue.
    Adaptogen 98%
    Enhance Concentration 87%
    Reduce Fatigue 87%
  • Bacopa
    Originally called Brahmi, meaning "sacred, holy and divine," Bacopa has been used for centuries to support clarity of thought and peace of mind through its adaptogenic properties. Bacopa promotes verbal learning, memory and retention.
    Stress Management 94%
    Mental Clarity 84%
    Improved Memory 79%
  • Ginger root
    A powerful root with 5000 years of history aiding humankind in the pursuit of balance. Ginger belongs to the same plant family as turmeric. Ginger root plays the role of bus driver for essential brain nutrients seeking to cross the blood brain barrier; ginger promotes increased blood flow to the brain allowing for more absorption of key ingredients.
    Nutrient Transporter 99%
    Increase Blood Flow 99%
    Reduce Inflammation 83%
  • Ginkgo Biloba
    Ginkgo Biloba
    Also known as the maidenhair tree, ginkgo is one of the oldest species in the world. The tree is speculated to be up to 150 million years old, a true "living fossil.” Ginkgo Biloba extract can be used to increase mental function, memory, improve nerve health, and upregulate flow of oxygen to your brain.
    Boost Oxygen 94%
    Nerve health 80%
    Improved Memory 81%

Dr. Paul Henning
Army Research Institute

Real People Using Wisdom

As a practitioner I see the benefits adaptogens offer people and animals. Increasing self-awareness and finding balance within one’s body requires treating the root causes of illness, not just symptoms. Herbs are powerful aids. I recommend Wisdom to my clients because I know my clients will get the nutrients their bodies need.
Christine Althaea Abbey
Master Herbalist
Energy Practitioner
As a firefighter and paramedic irregular sleep schedules are part of life. It’s crucial I perform at my best. I now have more mental endurance and in critical moments feel sharper. Shift work takes a toll on the body, I am 100% convinced using Wisdom instead of energy drinks is a healthier alternative.
Vince Lopez
Vince Lopez
As a day trader I look at tons of charts. I look at so many charts that sometimes I feel like my head is melting into the chair. I started seeing Lion’s Mane supplements everywhere in 2019 and decided to try it. I can’t imagine ever stopping. It’s great.
Giovanni P
Giovanni P

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We strive to be Eco Conscious, USDA Organic and use clinically proven herbs.
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Who should take Wisdom?

Adults seeking an all-in-one brain supplement that provides vital nutrients for maximizing cognitive performance and long-term brain health while equipping the body with potent adaptogens to cope with physical, environmental and emotional stress.

What can I expect to feel?

The stress management benefits start within 1 to 5 days. The cognitive improvements in things like speech, focus and enhanced mental acuity start revealing themselves within 21 days. Wisdom stimulates the entire brain, specifically the Prefrontal cortex. As more and more nerves get nourishment the entire body experiences the benefits.

How should I take it?

Taking Wisdom consistently everyday is what’s most important. WIth or without food is fine. With coffee is fine. Upon rising is ok. Before bed is ok too.

How long before I begin to experience its benefits?

Don’t be surprised if others notice before you do! Often times loved ones, friends and co-workers notice a difference in our mood and mental acuity before we do. Initial benefits start in 1-5 days, within 21 days you will experience the cognitive benefits and after 8 weeks you should be experiencing amazing results in the areas of memory, mood, focus and mental clarity.

Should I take it everyday?

Yes, taking 3 capsules consistently everyday is encouraged.

What makes Creatine MagnaPower better than regular creatine?

Conventional creatine needs to be taken in large amounts with sugar because it has sub-par absorption. Creatine from the 90’s created water retention and puffy muscles. MagnaPower is synthesized very differently; because it is PH-buffered it gets into our brain cells and muscle cells without any of the disadvantages of conventional creatine.

As a Vegan, will Wisdom provide me with creatine I need for long-term brain health?

Yes. We designed this formulation to provide everyone with a harmonious balance of essential ingredients. No excess and no skimping.

Can I take coffee with Wisdom?

Yes. Because Wisdom is stimulant free it can be taken with products containing stimulants.

Will Wisdom help me with Brain Fog?

Yes. Brain Fog is often times a symptom of chronic inflammation. Wisdom nourishes your brain with ancient adaptogens to support the removal of chronic inflammation. Decreasing inflammation in the brain while increasing blood flow is the perfect 1-2 punch for knocking out Brain Fog.

What are the long term benefits of Wisdom?

It takes time for clinical studies to be accepted. There is a lot of politics and loopholes to jump through to bring something to the market. Based on the research and exponential growth in patient testimonials the medical community is quickly beginning to realize things like Alzheimers, Dementia, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Type 2 Diabetes, Type 3 Diabetes, Brain Fog and “Senior Moments” can be combated with natural alternatives. Natural alternatives like the 8 ingredients found in Wisdom.

What happens if I stop taking Wisdom?

Wisdom is not physically or psychologically addictive. If you were to discontinue use after 3 weeks you may begin to notice a slight decrease in your enhanced cognitive function and stress management.

If I don’t feel anything, does that mean Wisdom is not working?

Often times our friends, family and co-workers will notice before we do. Pay close attention to how your habits change. We are all unique and have unique needs. Occasionally people take up to 8 weeks to really experience the benefits.

Is it safe to give to my child?

Every ingredient in Wisdom is tested for safety and is supported by decades of research. All of our ingredients also have GRAS status (Generally Regarded As Safe). If your child is under 18 years old, please consult your doctor.

Can Wisdom be taken with other Mushrooms or supplements?

Yes. Mushrooms from food, teas and supplements can be combined with Wisdom. Wisdom can be combined with over the counter supplements.

Can Wisdom be taken with other medications?

As plant-based / superfood formula the answer is Yes. However, if you are on prescription medications for anxiety or depression we encourage you to consult with your doctor.

Does Wisdom have any long term side effects?

No, there are no restrictions on how long you can take Wisdom because it’s a plant-based / superfood supplement.nIn fact, the longer you take Wisdom the better your benefits will be.

Has Wisdom been approved by the FDA?

Dietary supplements are not “approved” by the FDA. However, because we formulate our products within the U.S. in FDA registered facilities we are stringently regulated and must comply with the provisions of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act as regulated by the FDA.
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