It’s Time to Feel Alive

When we set out to develop vava, we wanted to design products that are simple and effective. We combed through medical publications to identify the most effective clinically-researched ingredients within functional medicine– and we’re committed to using only these ingredients. The result is an effective brain and immunity product line that succeeds where conventional medicine is failing.

We Know Our Stuff

We create quality medicine made in small batches. Our team is based in Florida and is comprised of herbalists, physicians, neurologists and a staff dedicated to service before self. Our team has over 20 years experience in mycology research and the health and wellness space.

Leadership Approach

The Vava Mission is rooted in 4 Values
Be Positive
Customer Empowerment

Transparent Supply Chain

Agricultural analysis and potency of extracts is where we go the extra mile. We promise to use third party testing on every batch to ensure your nutrients are free of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and mycotoxins.

Created For People with a Minimalist Approach to Supplements

vava founder Tony
When I hit my mid 30’s, my definition of being happy and healthy began to change. Obsessing over my waistline, working 12 hour days, losing my temper, grinding my teeth and never taking a personal day were my identity. I found myself suffering the work week; terms like stress and brain fog were no longer abstract words.
Brain Fog and anxiety became every bit as real to me as the ground beneath my feet. But, I didn’t let them win. Instead I did research, lots and lots of research. I couldn't find a brand that I could trust or had the formulas I needed, so I decided to design my own.
I founded vava with the belief a minimalist approach to supplements is best. With us, you’ll know why everything is chosen and why it’s beneficial for you in the pursuit Vitality and Abundance. We know you have information, we believe guidance rooted in compassion is better than information.
Anthony Pasquale

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