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Our Mission: Your Vitality

We believe taking the fight to brain fog, stress, anxiety, alzheimers and cancer is essential to preserving your health.

Our Mission : Your Vitality

We believe taking the fight to brain fog, stress, anxiety, alzheimers and cancer is essential to preserving your health.
Comprehensive brain formula with 8 essential nutrients.
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Virus and Cold Sore Prevention.
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The purest Lion’s Mane in the world cultivated intelligently.
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Redefining Supplements

Our team is comprised of mycologists, physicians and neurologists who comb through the latest medical publications to identify the most effective clinically-researched ingredients within functional medicine– and we’re committed to using only these ingredients. The result is effective brain and immunity products that succeed where conventional medicine is failing.
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As an active duty Army officer stationed at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine much of my career has focused on enhancing Warfighter Health & Performance. I am genuinely passionate about helping people totally transform their lives by combining natural medicine with modern strength & conditioning techniques. With many of my clients I implement VAVA products to help them cope with stress, create new habits and cultivate a drastic change in the trajectory of their lives
Dr Paul Henning
Dr. Paul Henning
Army Research Institute
As any parent will tell you, raising a toddler is tough! Taking care of your home and raising a family can be overwhelming. I tried natural remedies to help me stay calm. At first I thought I was imagining things, I was thinking it was a placebo effect. My husband commented around the 12th day that he noticed a difference in how I was accomplishing each day without sacrificing my energy. Before starting Wisdom at 7pm I was utterly exhausted, now at 7pm I have enough energy to enjoy quality time with my family.
Carrie Chudzikiewicz
Carrie Chudzikiewicz
Official Super Mom
Prior to finding Wisdom we were struggling to find a Vegan / Stimulant free supplement that actually worked to improve mental clarity while supporting long term brain health. Most of the supplements we found either didn’t work or had chemicals in them we did not want to put into our bodies. We could feel the difference with Wisdom almost immediately, since starting Wisdom we feel better and notice a difference in how we feel and how we communicate with others. It’s a great product for people seeking natural ways to feel good and reconnect to the things important to them.
Janine Martin
Joshua and Janine Martin

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